WoW: How to Update ElvUI Interface – Windows & Mac 2017

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In this video I show you how to update the ElvUI Interface for Windows and Mac users.

In case you have missed my previous guide about how to install the ElvUI Interface you can check it out here:

Installation instructions:
Go to the ElvUI website. Click on Clients at the top and there you can choose between the Windows Client or the Mac Client. So make sure to download the right version before you continue

You will be directed to the download page where you have to click on the download button to start downloading the client.

Once it’s finished with downloading you can get that zip file to your desktop. Open up the .zip file and get that .exe file.

Open that exe file and follow the installation instructions. When the installation is completely finished you will get an icon on your desktop.

Open up that client and when you open it up for a first time you will get a box popping up which is basically letting you know that you need to either sign in with your existing account or if you haven’t created an account yet you can click on ‘yes’ which will bring you to the website where you NEED to create and account.

When your account is successfully created you can open your client and go to File at the top and then click on Login to login with your account that you have just created.

Once you are logged in you can highlight your ElvUI and click on Update in the right corner to start updating your interface.


NOTE: Updating your Interface with the Client you will NOT lose any of your in-game settings! All AddOn settings are stored in the WTF folder. Your settings will not be lost as long as you don’t touch that folder.

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