Windows 10 How to use system restore if you cant use restore within Windows

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Tips on how to use system restore in the Advanced startup menu if you have errors of problems restoring your system to earlier date and time in Windows 10


  1. hi my problem just occurred today here was what i did i was sure that everything was ok but i was changing my location to japan along with language and time to japanese standards, but i saw something weird it was telling me to contact my administrator and that i can change my location, after that i updated windows after waiting for a while i saw that upon logging in my laptop it was reset, my browser had no tabs, all my files in the desktop went missing, and most of my settings was reset, all other apps went missing and all my restore points was gone too, is there anyway to restore my PC without using system restore?

  2. My Windows 10 updated now I can only use my desktop short cuts. I can not open windows, can not type in search area. I tried to restore using task manager but it tells me there arent any restore points. I there anything else I can do? Can I try and re-update windows, and if so how do I do that. I have internet access

  3. hello i need help my i moved the file from desktop to folder it moved as shortcut then i though its copy i marked them and deleted them the next thing the file is gone lost couldnt even found them in recycle pin , i tried to restore the computer to any date but i coudlnt find a dated of restore any suggestion how can i get them back it very important files for work and i dont have back up 🙁 🙁 🙁

  4. I'm having an issue factory reseting my Dell Inspiron laptop I've tried from main menu in windows I've tried shift restart but every time I select factory reset and wipe hard drive it just re sets and then starts back up to login I've tried doing recovery and does the same thing

  5. I have windows 10 with Medion German laptop , i try hard to restart my windows , and i can't ,i try all your 2 step but still faild . So how can system restore if i cant use restore within Windows.Note i also try back in time

  6. When I went to system restore, it says that it has no restore points that have been created on your computers system drive. To create a restore point, open system protection. But when I clicked system restore, it says system protection is available only in operating system.. And my PC is stuck at the blue screen, when I click continue – exit and continue to windows 10, it says that your PC did not start correctly, I have tried so many different options, and none seems to work

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