Will MacOS High Sierra Slow Down Your Mac?!

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What’s up guys! TODAY we are talking about the new MacOS High Sierra which is still in Developer Beta. As a Developer I obviously want to see the in’s and out’s of Apple’s new OS for their Mac’s and so far my experience hasn’t been going as expected. With the lack of added features, no UI changes, and a very poor reception by most users, I’m not so sure what Apple was thinking with this one.

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MAIN Camera – Panasonic GH5
Lens – LUMIX G Vario Lens, 7-14mm
Secondary Camera: Nikon D4
Secondary Lens: Nikkor 28-300mm
External Recorder – Atomos Ninja Inferno
Mini Cam – GoPro Hero 5

Camera Gear

Video Head – Manfrotto 502
Tripod – Manfrotto MKCOMPACTADV-BK Compact
iPhone Gimbal : DJI OSMO

Computer Stuff:

2017 iMac 27” 4.2GHz/Radeon 580
2016 MacBook Pro 15” w/ Touch Bar
2016 Mac Pro
WD 12TB My Book Pro
WD 12TB My Book Duo
Monitor – HP Envy 27” UHD/4K
Mic (Voiceover/Main) – RODE UT-USB


LIFX A19 Bulbs
LIFX Light Strip
Phillips Hue Color
Phillips Hue Go
Phillips Hue White


iPhone 7 Plus
iPad Pro 10.5” (w/ Apple Pencil & Smart Keyboard)
iPad Pro 12.9
Apple Watch (First Gen)


  1. Mac OS High Sierra is for the new Macbooks? So ya, if I want a shitty operating system and brand then I should go with paying more money than is worth it. Apple is for absolute idiots.

  2. thanks for the video i installed the mac upgrade and BOY,It is slow and my email has slowed down also.Firefox takes longer than before, really disappointed and suggestions?

  3. High Sierra doesn't just make the latest MacBook Pros faster, it will improve the performance of any Mac with an SSD. The constant prodding to subscribe is also off-putting… just do great content, and people will follow.

  4. Upgraded my late 2009 iMac w/SSD from Sierra to High Sierra. If I've noticed anything it is that waking from sleep mode I'm now getting the pinwheel for a bit before opening the login prompt. Because of this am considering reverting back to Sierra. I'm less than impressed with this upgrade.

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