Use Your iPhone as a Car Backup Camera

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I show you Pearl RearVision that lets you use and iPhone or Android phone as your cars backup camera.

This is not a sponsored review, but Pearl did send this to me to check out.

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  1. Why not just buy a wifi transmitter for about $35 and a backup camera for $12 and up and use your phone as a backup camera? It takes a little more installation time but not that hard. There are videos online on how to do it and save yourself a lot of money. Most cars today do have backup cameras but for the older cars that don't, you can do it yourself for about $60 -$75 depending on the camera that you buy.

  2. Mostly all cars today come equipped with backup camera's. But also you can buy many for under $50 at plenty of places, but fry's electronics would be the best place for that with their promos. But the best method is looking behind you and knowing your surrounding at all times. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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