Unable To Copy Files/Folders On External Hard Drive From Mac

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Step-by-step guide to copy files/folder on external hard drive (USB drive) from Mac. First go to Finder then select Applications.

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  1. why do i need to earse all files from my external hard drive.. is there any other way to do it. I have loads of data in there and I can risk to delete or move it anywhere else.

  2. Hi, I know this will delete all my files fro Hard disk… I've taken back up first & ERASED… CLEAR….

    Here main issue is – Can i use the same external drive / Pen drive on other Windows PC???
    Or any thing again & again – Am I need to do???

    – Bharat

  3. In case you are not aware this is formatting the hard drive, which means a full wipe of all files. Like a factory reset, down to the point where it's asking you install questions. My issue was exporting videos. It could be lack of decent enough codec/file extension/OS support for MOV files (I only needed small vids from my camera to my hard drive cause it filled up my laptop's room). Idk ultimately. But if you're getting error messages when exporting, first try to reduce the size of the files you're moving at once, especially if they're videos. I was normally doing like 4-5 at most at a time. If the error message persists, you will have to export them manually (file>export>export unmodified original). You don't need to select any fancy options, just make sure after hitting "OK" you know where the file is saving. I basically made a folder in my hard drive called 'Videos' and sent them all there so I don't have to look. Tedious, annoying and still kind of upset that there seems to be inconsistent compatibility issues when exporting the biggest storage file types that I need off of my CPU. Hoping better fixes are out in the web, cause beyond this, there are steps to backup your entire photo library which sounds pretty ridiculous for just needing freaking videos moved from point A to B.

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