TheRunawayGuys – The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures – Level 7 Best Moments

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Chuggaaconroy, NintendoCapriSun, ProtonJon and Stephen Georg have entered the land of Hyrule! Can they work together to help restore peace? Here are the Best Moments for the LP!

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    Bad jokes aside, next time on TRG (plus Stephen), our favorite quartet of bumbling would-be heroes fight enemies in the sky and dick each-other over some more. See you then.

  2. Welp, this the last reecap of this adventure, lets make it the greatest and also the COOLest one of all ¨INHALES¨
    Last time on: The legend of Stephen: Four idiots adventures: stephen stephen STEPHEN, your money will be sooo greaaaat~ And now on this episode, Stephen and crew came into the wrong neighborhood, they entered Fourzen hyrule (acording to chuggga). And they find out that the worst nightmare has just began, they thought that the barrels were the strongest foe, BUT IT WAS ME, ICE PHYSICS, an entire world of ice physics was the nightmare they've encountered, now they go to the realm of the hevens to save hyrule for the 30th time and also learn about the SREEN OF SHAME. Will they survive the thunder that awaits them? Will they have some sky falling action? Will tim fart so badly that the atmosphere becomes fart gas and kill everybody? Will jon ever get revenge on stephen? WILL DEI NO DA WAE? WILL SOMBODY TOUCH MA SPAGETT?WILL…THEY…SAVE…HYRULE…FOR…THE…30TH…TIME?!! WILL BLACKIE BE THE HERO WE NEED IN THE POKEMON EMERALD RANDOMLOCKE? Find out in the finale of: THE LEGEND OF STEPHEN: FOUR IDIOTS ADVENTURES

  3. ProtonJon's newest single: "Making 'em bigger, I'm making it bigger." the answer to his last sensational hit "You're bad at Exploring"
    Full Album coming soon.

  4. Welcome to Frozen Hyrule! Where we play hocky very badly, get the Earth Element Royal Juice Jewel, then we do the obligatory Ice-themed Dungeon™, and then we climb a 2D tower to beat a giant…eye bat crystal ice thing.

    Next time? The remains of Skyloft- I MEAN the Hyrulean Clouds! Yeah.

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