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The power locked inside the wizard, you can backup and restore a build. Save gui and addon data to move to a new build. It will also auto clean kodi everyday or on startup if you like.


  1. So if someone is using a build, they just click on [Back Up]-: Build and if you aren't using a Build then you need to individually click on [Back up]: GuiFix and [Back Up]: Addon_data is this correct. So then to restore you would use External files as opposed to Local Files, I assume?

  2. Mitch can you help I lost my cartoon crazy and cartoongo/anime plus is there another repo for these. I managed to get my watch cartoons online back from the incersion repo that's called watch nixtoons now. but I use the other 2 when my main one is not working

  3. Mitch thank you
    in so many Kodi videos, they talk to fast, zip around so much, its harder to grasp whats going on, after one year of occasional use, i'm still a neophyte user, i just did a fresh 17.0 install, 2 days ago
    had trouble with 17.6 for some reason, probably because of no wizard and no 'fresh start' before installing 17.6 on top of it, is 17.4 or 17.6 that much better/stable ? should i try again ?
    how would you compare Durex to Maverick, i was considering installing Durex and trying it,
    i really appreciate the way you take the time to explain things, without the 'excited hype'

  4. I always give a thrumbs up/like but I never liked a build and have no need for it but you went out your way to helps folk that use it that why you should get a like

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