Spacebar Keyboard Key Repair | Apple Macbook Pro Mac Book Unibody 13, 15, 17 | Fix Space Bar

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  1. This doesn't work.. DO NOT attach the outside metal pieces to the space bar first, other wise the space bar wont sit properly and wont work from the sides well. Instead do the following –

    – Have the inner metal piece already on the space bar as the video shows.

    – Remove the outer metal pieces from the space bar if they're already attached.

    – you want to place these metal pieces onto the keyboard first so that they slide into the hoops (magic keyboard) or bracket (macbook pro), these are located in the middle at either side. (this cannot be done if you follow the video!!)

    – position them so they are in the same distant from the edges as they would be if attached to the space bar.

    – Push and click the spacebar down onto the keyboard.

    Job done.. (hope that makes sense, harder to explain without images) This worked on an Apple A1314, Magic Keyboard (third generation).

  2. i just did this (without the help of the video… useless). All you need to do is attatch both metal bars to the physical keyboard first, not the key, then just snap both into place

  3. I did it successfully myself before watching the video. I snapped off the spacebar by putting the teeth of a small comb under the front of it and flipping it up. The little pieces (3 sets of pairs of interlocking white hinges) fell out. The hinges snapped together in the middle so that they swing. The little tabs on the top fit into metal holes in the recess of the computer and the inner white ring clips under a little flap on the bottom. Once they were in, I snapped the bar on as in the video.

  4. Blooper! At 3:50-3:53, when he lifts his fingers after pushing down on the spacebar, you can clearly see that the spacebar is not clicked into place propely as it is at an angle. Then they quickly roll the credits in the hope that you won't notice. The sharp-eyed observer notices! If you are going to demonstrate how to do a fix, you should actually do the fix properly to show that what you are demonstrating is true. You should have done another take.

  5. the trick to getting it back on is to put a small strip of paper – printer paper is ok 1" wide x 4" long on top of the center button. then put the long bars on. Then snap the plastic spacebar key on top. When it is all seated, just pull out the paper slowly. the paper holds the bars up so you can snap things on. Much better than the video end that does not show the key going on completely.

  6. @lennonrevolver when you get modern warfware 2 and that noobs pist you off you will crash your key board too…btw. i changed my keyboard so its good now 🙂

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