Rocksmith 2014 | MAC OSX | Realtone Cable FIX (Rocksmith USB Guitar Adapter)

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Ein kleiner Trick um das Rocksmith 2014 Realtone Cable unter Mac OSX zum Laufen zu bringen.

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Online konnte ich nichts passendes finden, weshalb ich mich dazu entschlossen habe diesen kleinen Fix hier bei Youtube online zu stellen.

Ich hoffe es hilft euch!

Wenn dieses Video euch geholfen hat, lasst doch einen Daumen nach oben da, oder abonniert meinen Kanal, damit ihr in Zukunft keine Videos mehr verpasst!


  1. I was able to use Focusrite 2i2 with my MAC without the original RS guitar cable following this simple procedure!!! I have been trying to figure this out for my PC using special no cable execution file but no success so far. Does anyone know if this procedure can be used with a windows 10 PC using 2i2 audio interface?

  2. So you can use your own audio interface with this tip? I have a focusrite interface and I would like to buy the game that is just $9.99 on steam.. Should I buy? I can not buy at the original cable because Im outside US..

  3. Are you able to play without any time lag? I've managed to connect cheap cable to Rocksmith and get quite good quality sound, but there is a little bit of a time lag. Playing faster songs seems difficult.

  4. Hey MegaSomersault.
    you'll need no driver to fix the problem. If you're using a Mac, you can easily find Audio-Midi-Setup through your Spotlight Search (It's a system app). Then just follow the video instructions. Hope it helps. greetz, Zarakas

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