River City Ransom Underground (PC, Mac, Linux) – Retro Flashforward/PXA Peeks

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It’s a new River City Ransom in 2017! This is an officially licensed, Kickstarter funded sequel to the classic and revered NES mini open-world brawler that has more of everything, including 4 player co-op, both online and offline. Does it live up to its pedigree? It does in many ways but you’ll want to know what you’re getting into before you buy in.

Disclosure: I was a backer of this project on Kickstarter.

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  1. BREAKING NEWS! River City Ransom Underground has been pulled from Steam. PA cross your fingers that you don't wind up getting a copyright strike from Alex Bauer.

  2. Despite being a little rough around the edges, this looks really good! A much better effort than Double Dragon IV. (Based on your review of that one.) Also, nice to see another Canadian developer out there. 🙂 I'll add it to my wishlist, but probably hold off a bit until certain issues are sorted out.

  3. Wouldn't be River City Ransom if you didn't eat the plate. LOL God the original was so much fun we spent many hours on it. This one feels a bit different however. It's cool that the company is local and I hope they can get the bugs worked out and all the features working. Long live RCR!

  4. Bioshock is the same with it's animations. IIRC the animations plays att freaking 25-30 FPS while the game runs at 60. Luckily there's a tool that allows you to set whatever animations FPS you darn please.

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