Retro Flashforward: Hyperspace Pinball (PC, Mac, Steam)

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In this episode of Retro Flashforward, I take a look at Hyperspace Pinball for PC, a game that bills itself as a mash-up of pinball and shoot em’ ups. How’s it do? Sadly, not great.

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  1. Pinball crossed with a SHMUP . . . yeah, no. This is more like pinball crossed with Arkanoid. Well, sort-of. Also, it appears to keep repeating the same table over and over (in the campaign), correct? Which seems not a whole lot more sophisticated than the one in Video Pinball for the Atari 2600, honestly!

    You think you'll be getting a refund on this? Or have you gone past the 2 hour limit? BTW, whatever processing glitch occurred has corrected itself, because the video played at 60FPS for me.

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