Restore your Iphone, Ipod, Or ipad back to factory settings! Even if its bricked!

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works even on the latest iPhone 6 and iPod touch 5th gen! EVEN ALL IPADS INCLUDING AIR AND MINI!

Although this video is 6 years old it is still up to date! thanks for watching everybody!

unbrick jailbroken iPhones. or any ipod/iphone that does not want to boot up properly.

This will also reset passwords

How to enter DFU mode if the above does not work.

1. plug phone into a computer with iTunes installed
2. hold power button for 3 seconds
3. hold power + home for 10 seconds
4. release power button but continue to hold home for additional ten seconds.
5 you are now successfully in DFU mode. restore your iPhone in iTunes.

if these steps do not work then try a different usb cable. if that doesn’t work try a different computer. make sure your not plugging into a usb hub although sometimes it does work there is an off chance it will fail.

If you have an iPad 2 that your trying to upgrade from 6.x to a newer firmware you may be stuck on some ipads. for some reason there is a serious problem with the chip that controls DFU mode that wont allow you to get into DFU mode or upgrade in general. sorry your out of luck..

try iReb it may help you out if its stuck or if you have a bricked recovery
you can download it their.

hope i could help!


i am in no way responsible if your phone breaks or gets damaged even more than it already is from this video


  1. My iTunes recognizes there's an iPad in recovery mode (Though it does not display a serial number, I wonder if this is normal) and after a while, it gives me an error code 4005, I should also add that the issue I am presented with is an infinite boot loop cycle. I was performing a soft reset (home button plus power button) which turns off the device and then powers it back on, once I saw the apple logo I let go of the buttons (I don't know if I may have done it too fast or not as the device was working completely fine before) and now the device won't boot past the apple logo (when it's unplugged) it displays the apple logo for 3-4 seconds and then shuts off (No spinning wheel to indicate that it is, it just goes blank like shutting off those old televisions but not as exaggerated) it goes to a boot loop cycle when it is charging. I have tried performing this DFU many times, it is simply not working for me. I am near my wits end, I am going to try this again in a last attempt and if it fails, I am taking it to the apple store.

  2. that works on pre iPhone 4s. and that again only works if you don't have any daemons that are not corrupted. what your doing is injecting a kernel. when the kernel loads the kernel extensions you going to experience a kernel panic which will cause your phone to boot-loop. restore is always required at that point unless you know how to use ssh and you know which daemon or KO is causing your issue.

  3. Dude take you time and keep trying. Patients is a virtue my friend. If you can't get into restore mode, it sounds like you home button or volume button are messed up. Try lightly holding down the home button sometimes that works better than pressing with extreme pressure. Also when you restore MAKE SURE NOT TO RESTORE FROM BACKUP, or you will get the results you are explaining to me in your other comments. Hope this helps


  4. also i still have applications you get from cydia like, iblank, and my 3g. and barrel is still working even though you cant see it anywhere within my settings. i really dont know what to do

  5. neither the videos or the desciptions methods work. i cant get in restore mode. somehow i massively f*cked up in the process of unjailbreaking. its almost in a state in between jailbroken and unjailbroken. the apps have no theme and the backgrounds ae set to the defaults… also cant get into the itunes store or use anything involving wifi. PLZ HELP!!!!

  6. Okay for everyone having issues. look at the description.

    Try a different computer
    Try a different Cable
    If you know your home button or power button is broken you may be screwed
    again look at my description try iReb its saved alot of phones. that are pre iphone 4s.

    Hope this helps!

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