Restore Lost iTunes Library the EASY Way

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Restore Lost iTunes Library
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To restore iTunes on a Mac, check out the video below:

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Follow along with this tutorial and you will learn how to restore a lost iTunes library from any drive on your PC in minutes. The process is so simple even a computer beginner can figure it out. But don’t wait until it’s too late and you end up losing your files forever.

This data recovery software is designed to find missing files and restore iTunes library files as well as mp4, jpg, bmp, png, mp3, mov and many other image, video, document and other types of files. Whether you want to restore an iTunes library from a formatted hard drive, thumb drive, or your recycle bin, this data recovery software will do this and much more.

While the software does an excellent job of recovering and restoring the iTunes library files, at some point the deleted files will no longer be recoverable. The sooner you can recover after the files go missing, the better chance you have of being able to recover those files. As time goes by, the missing files become harder and harder to recover. If it has been weeks, month or even years, you may not be able to get them back. It is CRITICAL that you attempt to recover the files as soon as you can.

Restore Lost iTunes Library

The biggest benefit to this PC data recovery software is that you can download it for free. You can then run the scan on your hard drive or other drives or media to determine if the files you are searching for are available for recovery. Then you will know whether you can recover those files before you purchase the license.

To recover deleted PC files from the hard drive or other device, it’s as simple as picking your drive letter and pressing the scan button. If device has a good bit of storage and/or files, it could take several minutes to complete the scan. This is completely normal. Hard drives and especially thumb drives aren’t exactly speedy, so make sure you stay patient.

Restore Lost iTunes Library
Visit the link above to learn more about how to restore a lost iTunes library from a formatted drive from your PC and to get your free scan.

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  1. I agree with the sentiment (though not the language); really angry with iTunes for allowing this to go on for years and costing us millions of dollars; almost $1500 for me personally, and no recourse. Can't tell you how much I wish a competitor would drive them out of business by simply having a library that never looses the music you paid for, and cherish.

  2. Thanks for the info, but I was able to restore iTunes by going to iTunes, and clicking My Music. It was totally empty but I clicked the Search for Media button, and everything loaded back in. I don't know where everything was, but I couldn't find it. The trouble started when I was loading the library into an old Android phone. System restore was no help.

  3. The problem I have just discovered is that any music videos downloaded from Youtube have disappeared and cannot find them despite search of all of my pc – whatever Itunes did in recent updates is just annoying me so much I could scream – it used to be so user friendly and is now stupid and long winded and so annoying!

  4. Fuck itunes. This never happened to me. but i started to use itunes and 6 monhs later i lost fucking everything after update. Fuck this piece of shit. I spend 12 hours tagging all my tunes and now everything is gone. FUCK ITUNES!

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