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how to restore your ipod/iphone with custom firmware
for windows.

ok so this took me a while of finding out how to this
as my iphone was bricked and it was hard to find
anthing on the internet that helped but here it is

step 1. download watever firmware you want for your
iphone/ipod reccomended site for non custom firmware
this has ipod and iphone just select from the list

step 2. you need to find your host file so go to
now make a backup of the file host and place another
copy on your desktop ok so open the file you have
placed on your desktop when it comes up what to
open with select notepad and enter at the bottom

step 3. restart itunes and plug your iphone/ipod
in to your pc and you need to put it in recovery mode
so hold your power button for 3 secconds and whilst
still holding the power but press and hold the home
button wait until the screen goes black then relese
the power button but keep the home button held down
then itunes should come up with ipod/iphone in recovery

step 4. when itunes sais about contacting the server
cancle and then click on your ipod/iphone in itunes
it should have a restore button there hold shift
on your keyboard and click restore it should then
bring up another window browsing for a file locate
to your firmware you downloaded earlier and open
it it should then do its own thing just wait untill
you phone restarts how it was before now you are all

hacked server by: jay freeman (saurik)
guide: jordan berry


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