Repair Macbook Pro 13 inch Hard Drive – Failing Hard Drive Replacement or Repair

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Need tech help? Ask one of our trained techs! This video is about Repair Macbook Pro Hard Drive when it is failing. If you have a Macbook Pro that isn’t loading into OSX the first thing you should try is repairing or replacing the hard drive.


  1. Great video. Hi I have a MacBook Pro 13 mid 2012 and when I turn on my laptop and I can hear my hard drive grinding. The screen is white with apple logo in the center. I would like to change my hard drive to ssd but how would I put iOS in it. I don't have any important files in my old drive so I can careless about it. Thanks in advance!

  2. My internal hard drive is failing and I'm backing everything up to an external drive with time machine. When I replace the internal hard drive, will I need a start up CD? I saw another video where he used it after replacing the hard drive. What will happen when I turn it back on after replacing internal hard drive? Will time machine start up and how do I put everything back on my computer? Thank you so so much!

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