Preparing a 2009 MacBook for macOS Sierra

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I spent less than $200 on a Late 2009 MacBook, the oldest laptop that is supported by macOS Sierra. I show how to install an SSD and additional RAM for the best possible performance out of the notebook.

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  1. Wha?? Dude is aesthetically challenged. The macbook Unibody whites are beautiful, it is the best looking laptop ever made. All other laptops and macbooks look the same, except for the thickness. It's ok, not everybody has an eye for beauty. Now that they're bringing back the Unibody white in 2019, all these guys will find it beautiful because its gonna cost about $4,000, and be slightly thinner than the 2010, but not by much. its going to be 1.25 thick, to have that classic beautiful look. The specs are going to be pretty much the same a 2016 macbook pro. Also will have SD slot and usb etc…

  2. Hi, nice video. My Macbook doesnΒ΄t support 6 GB (2GB stick and 4GB stick) of RAM. It might be, because its a different Ram? The stock Ram was two 1GB sticks. But it supports 3GB (1GB and "GB sticks) Any suggestions?
    And finally, where can I download the OS? Thanks

  3. I have snow Leopard and use google chrome to play videos. Should I down load a new version from apple???? I hated updates from windows and scared to loose what I got. Mine is 2010 7.1

  4. I have a MacBook Pro mid 2009 with el captain… I can’t seem to download most of the invoice apps available… if I upgrade the SSD and download High Sierra will fix this issue or do I need to replace the RAM to?

  5. i see you have a couple of the iBook g3's (i think thats what they are) in the background, could you make a video on them if you haven't already? they're pretty cool, i was looking on eBay and i couldnt find ONE that was in mint condition. how'd you manage to get multiple of them in different colours?

  6. So lots of people saying how easy and cheap it is to get an old macbook and updgrade it a bit to run Sierra, this sounds like an awesome idea. But what are the problems? Is it really that easy? I'm considering doing this just for an everday laptop for browsing and movies etc.

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