Partition your Hard Drive in Mac OS X – Free

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Here is a free way to partition your hard drive in Mac OSX using the included Disk Utility software that comes with your Mac.


  1. I've had this MacBookPro for nearly two years and have been walking around with not one, BUT TWO external hard drives because I just couldn't figure out how to partition it.  You're a God-send!!  Thanks a lot!!

  2. hello brother. i got the same prblm as danny. i can't partition the hard drive. i tried to format it but i couldn't. i couldn't choose the format type or even the name,, they're unchangable. plz help me regarding i'm new to mac os

  3. If you have an error do the following. Run disk permissions on Disk Utility. Then restart your Mac. Launch disk utility again and format your drive normally. If that works than try partitioning it.

  4. My mac pro won't let me partiton. Keep getting error: Could not modify partition map because filesystem verification failed. Do you know the reason for this error?

    I do happen Extended Journaled chosen.

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