OS X 10.12 Sierra installed on old hardware MacBook Pro 2011

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Thinking about installing the new OS X Sierra but not sure if it will work fast enough on old hardware?
I’ve checked it up on MacBook Pro Late 2011.
Watch this video to see how does it work on it.

This is the english transition of my video: https://youtu.be/pB5J8llcUug


  1. its your stupid Chrome browser that is eating all the ram! Firefox uses almost 4 fucken gigs of ram by itself i could imagine all them freakin' tabs you have open asking for more ram! lol

    Anyways, Sierra runs fine on 2011 MacBook Pro's but it's fucken' HIGH SIERRA that is useless and run like pure HORSESHIT on a powerful Late 17" 2.4Mhz Quad-core i7 with 16GB of kick ass Corsair Vengeance ram and 1TB Samsung 850 Evo SSD with temps below 30C* and 47C* on full load and a 2 port USB Super-speed 3.0 and Bluetooth 4.0 integrated. High Sierra v10.13.3 is 100% PURE GARBAGE!!!
    The mouse pointer stutters and pauses every few seconds and sometimes it fuckin' freezes for a minute then I can do shit on it for a few seconds then it repeats itself! High Sierra is the worst SHITTY OS Apple has created, it can't even run on real 2011 MacBook pro's nor any Hackintosh with top spec's! They do this shit on purpose so your ass gets fed up and want to force you to go buy a newer model! FUCK YOU APPLE AND YOU TOO COCK SUCKING FAGGOT TIM COOK!!! FIX YOUR FUCKEN OS OF DON'T FIX WHAT'S NOT BROKEN YOU MOTHAFUCKERS!!!!

  2. Update: I upgraded my RAM to 16GB and upgraded to MacOS Sierra. So far works fine, although I did disable Siri. I was told most Apple dealers can upgrade your os to El Capitan etc for a small price if you don't want to go to Sierra yet

  3. Thanks. This is great. I have a late 2011 MacbookPro with 10GB RAM and still using Mavericks. After watching your video, I might not upgrade to Sierra. It looks like it is really heavy on memory consumption

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