NEW – iPhone Survival Battery – $5 iPhone Battery Backup – Review

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NEW $5 iPhone Battery Backup / Charger Review from – Could this portable $5 iPhone / iPod rechargeable battery backup / charger be the most valuable piece of iPhone or iPod gear you could own?

Well, if your travel a lot, use your iPhone for photography or videography, or if disaster strikes and you are out of power for a day or two you might think so… Let’s dig in and take a look are this cool $5 gadget for all iPhones including iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and any iPad


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iPhone Battery Backup Backup Charger for any iPhone or iPod (even works on iPad)

Extra iPhone / iPod USB Charging Cable

Thinking of getting an iPhone or maybe you have an AT&T iPhone and WANT to get UNLIMITED Talk, Text and Data for $45… well you can… all with NO CONTRACT!!!

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WHAT IS A SIM CARD? Ahh… glad you asked… The SIM card is the brain of your phone. You can get one here for ONLY $14.99… (Wish you would have found this video a YEAR ago eh!?)

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OKAY… now more stuff that I mentioned in the VIDEO…


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If you found this review helpful and are ready to grab ANY gear online… I’d be honored if you use the following link to find your best price on Amazon


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  1. I have one and you can use solar power to charge the battery pack and plug it to your phone and you can charge it normal so it would be better for survival than that

  2. kinda sucks that everyday today uses the new thunderbolt cable agh back she apple where the best with the 3gs  the was brilliant but the 4s with siri was amazing agh the good old days when steve jobs was around and apple was the king we miss you steve and old 30 pin connector

  3. I have saw this on amazon,how many capacity this one??the price is very cheap,but i suggest to buy a charger with more cetificates to ensure safe and enough capacity.i have bought a new,this brand:KINKOO.i feel it's good,has 8000mah charger,it works well for 3 months, i can charge my phone 5 times at least one week.

  4. This review could easily have been like 2 minutes long.   I mean it's a backup battery.  You plug it in, charge it then plug it in to charge your phone.  That's all.  Only thing people want to know is if it really has 1900mah and how much charge you get out of it etc.  Sheesh.

  5. Just bought this to help me get through a couple of over night hikes. I would only use Iphone for emergency situations and maybe a bit of music at night.
    Thanks for the review. At 5 dollars after shipping I couldn't pass this up.

  6. I use a Xpal 8000 mah External USB battery. it should be able to recharge a smartphone for about 3-4 times. Not sure if it is sold anymore but i've seen many 6000mah back ups.

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