MacBook Pro Screen Broken- Vertical Lines Please Help?!?

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  1. How did it happen? Ive got the same problem! but idk how did it happen cause it was not my fault! I blame my maid for that! im from south america though, we are used to have maids, dont think im rich.

  2. I have Mac book Pro with plastic hard lid cover on it. I have vertical lines on the screen and no external damage. When i took it to the Apple store they told me that the damage is caused by pressure that has damaged the screen inside. I have got plastic case which is in perfect condition no damage and i have got apple care. They want me to pay $395 to fix it. 

  3. Having the same problem… Took mine to an apple premium re-seller , they said screen has to repaired. And the cost is $450! I bought this computer for $500 two years ago…
    I'm also thinking to visit the "Official" Apple Store. Gonna try the genius guys. 

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