Macbook Pro keyboard and trackpad not working logic board repair

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› General component level repair:
› No backlight on screen:
› No green light on charger:
› Missing PPBUS_G3H:
› Missing PM_SLP_S4_L:
› Battery recognition and charging issues:
› No CPU vcore:
› Sensor issues/running slow/fans high:


  1. Macbook Pro 15" 2011 A1286. keyboard and trackpad not working. Can I buy the spare parts from you. because I come from Denmark. So it's a bit far to send it to you

  2. question… i have a mbp 17" early 2011… trackpad cursor moves freeley same for magic mouse, but left click on both do not respond, right click does… what would be you suspicion?

  3. hey there I seemed too have scraped off a component whilst replacing my thermal paste on my logic board I have images of the exact one, i just dont know what it is, here are the images. the closer image is my actual board i took a picture of where the component should be. it has caused my trackpad and keyboard to not work, thanks!

  4. Hey, Louis I have here a Samsung NP300E4A that has a broken keyboard. I replaced it with a new one and everything seems to be working, I tested all the keys and it works. the next day I tested it again, the letters asdzxc doesn't work. is it possible that there must be a problem with the motherboard?

  5. Hello there.
    After a macbook pro mid 2010 17inch service at a local store to put some new thermal paste to the cpu, I got back a macbook pro with the zero key not working.
    Any ideas on what might have happened?
    Thank you.

  6. Hi my MBP early 2015 retina 13i, keyboard and trackpad doesn't work. it works rarely after multiple reboots. But after sleep doesn't work again. I had the serviceman fix the cable connecting, but still no luck. He says the problem is in the machine. Is it?

  7. i have one macbook pro 13" late 2011 with keyboard and trackpad not working after coffee damage, i cleaned with ultrassonic and the computer turn on again, but trackpad and keyboard don't work any more
    Can you help me with possibilities to fix the board? i have a little experience with soldering in logic board but i don't know how to find fault components, and i'm from brazil so i can't send to you the logic board 🙁

  8. This really works LOL my macbook's trackpad and keyboard wasn't working and I held the shut down button for 2 seconds (not shutting it down completely) and watched the first minute of this video while the screen was black (on my phone) and I press the touchpad once and my MacBook was working again, what the fuck?

  9. could you do a video about general macbook trackpad issues encountered? like the trackpad not registering the fizical click anymore, even though the screw height was adjusted, or not being able to trag anymore on it or register proper gestures.

    thank you

  10. Hi i have apple macbook pro 15" 820-2915 the laptop was video issue i fix the bga but now the trackpad and keyboard not working.and on pp3v3_s4 i just have 1.7 V please tell me what should i do? Thanks

  11. Hi, I've been doing fairly low level repairs on MacBooks for a couple of years (replacing LCDs, keyboards, screen glass etc) with help if your YouTube videos, I'd love to be able to do component level repair and very interested in learning what you do, watching your videos has greatly help and been a brilliant inspiration. I currently have a 2011 13" MacBook Pro with a USB issue, one port doesn't work at all and other when anything is plugged in displays the message "USB Devices Disabled. Unplug the device using too much power to re-enable USB devices." As I live in the UK I'm too far to be able to stop in at your shop and would greatly appreciate any ideas on what could be at fault, done the usual SMC/PRAM reset and reinstalled the OS

  12. My guess is the person isn't selling those computes, but leasing them with a specific program in those computers. I would for a business that used a data processing and invoicing program by Reynolds and Reynolds that was written in the 1990s and charged that business I was working for thousands of dollars per month for using that program. The hardware that was supplied was complete archaic stuff from the 1980s and would constantly break down. If the hardware broke down it went back to Reynolds and Reynolds to be refurbished.

  13. If I ever happen to be in NYC I will visit you (if you like of course 😛 ) to help you repairing for a week! Only to hear you rambling in real life ^^. I think you would not be disappointed.

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