Macbook Pro A1278 13″ No Backlight Liquid Damage Repair

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MacBook Pro A1278, No Backlight, Liquid Damage Repair

We cleaned it with Ultrasonic cleaner then the laptop worked, but there was no backlight. So after checking the schematic for the board, we found that the fuse for the backlight is broken. We changed it. Then the backlight and laptop worked perfectly.

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  1. This is the luckiest part o the day but most time 99% is many thing on backlight circuit where you can spend hours to find out what is causing the issue sometime the feedback burn instead of fuse sometime you buy led driver IC that is dummy and not have parts inside.thecircuit is basic contain one main MOSFET and one dual mosfet and led driver IC and capacitors and resistors and inductor and diode.
    You may find problems where all parts are ok and still not good to work even if you get bcklt enable and rst on both gates on MOSFET.
    Water damaged units not good as the parts already lost the values and the board has track between layers bolded if some of them start burning between layers to ground then will be non fixable.

  2. Wow! How commendable it is of you to show what it takes, materials AND labour to fix this problem! So many of your customers have had liquid damage and have been told BY Apple and other shops that their laptops couldn't be fixed. That a new laptop was the solution. Other shops estimates were so costly people considered a new laptop. I have read EVERY review posted on Google and have NEVER come across such great reviews ( and I read a LOT of reviews)! They are obviously sincere, written by grateful clients. If the world had more owner/operators like yourself, we wouldn't have to review every business we consider walking into. I believe your mandate is simple. An honest job for an honest dollar. I am so glad I found you Haider! Only because you were so patient and took the time to educate me about Mac's am I a proud Mac user today! I have never felt so comfortable and confident about the purchase of such a personal product. I couldn't have gotten such a great product at such an affordable price, WITH a warranty! You have a dedicated client in me Haider! I can't thank you enough. p.s. You should be hearing from my daughter pretty soon!

  3. i had liquid damage macbook pro retina apple store told me unfixable and others told me no good…. brought to apple expert fixed at reasonable price. It only took 2 hours!! Thank you highly recommend

  4. I spelled coffee on my macbook air & it was dead (black screen)so i tried to dry it with a hairdryer and no use the laptop didn't work , I took it to apple store they quoted me 900$ to change the motherboard.then I approached some local shops again about same price for changing the motherboard and told me that the mother board is not fixable. i approached apple experts and didnt change the motherboard but they fixed it for a much cheaper price and it only took them 1 day :-)))
    thank you apple expert……
    highly recommended

  5. I took my MacBook pro to a local shop but unfortunately he told my to scrap it and advised me to go for new one. then I found this genius Apple experts so he repaired back my MacBook within 3 days and explained to me what he repaired. I would highly recommend apple expert for any computer-related issues

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