MacBook Pro 2016 (Touch Bar) spacebar issue

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Turn up your sound and listen to the difference.
The spacebar on my new MacBook Pro 2016 doesn’t work as intended in the right area of the key. It only registers clicks every now and then and feels very spongy/sticky to use compared to left side (and every other key).

This is the 2nd unit I’m on – the first one had the exact same problem.

Update: swapped to a 3rd unit which doesn’t have this problem. Happy to finally be out of the swapping loop. Apple, please get serious about your quality control!


  1. I have the same problem but on both right & left. Hate this keyboard in general. Other keys are inaccurate too. Have hated the MBP keyboards since they went to the chiclet style. But this spacebar issue is inexcusable. Unfortunately I don't have time to replace it right now :/

  2. I had the same issue. They replaced the laptop for me. Sticky keys I think a product of the faulty butterfly mechanism. I had two replacements of the 2016 MBP and for the third replacement I reverted to a 15 inch MBP (2015). So much better in my opinion. I hope you get yours fixed. Very disheartening to see when we pay this much money to have this happen. Good luck.

  3. I had an issue similar to this with the spacebar. It works fine now, however. I honestly think that Apple hasn't perfected the butterfly mechanism yet, and that it can stick or not register sometimes. I also had a few issues at one point with other keys doing the same thing, but like I said, it works fine now.

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