Mac Playback Video from USB – DVR-88xxRT – H.264 Standalone DVR

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This video will show you how to playback video that has been backed up onto a USB flash drive in h264 video format from our Platinum CCTV™ brand DVR-8804RT, DVR-8808RT or DVR-8816RT H.264 Standalone DVRs. We will use the DVR Player software to playback the video on your Mac so that you can see the video that you have backed up.

Don’t have a Platinum CCTV™ Brand H.264 Standalone DVR yet? Then return the knock-off DVR and get the one with the best support, so you can enjoy all of the benefits of our technical support to help you get it up and running quickly. Get our new DVR-88xxRT Real Time Full D1 H.264 Standalone DVRs online at:

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