Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6 AMD PC Install Tutorial

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A brief overview on how to install Sierra 10.12.6 on an AMD PC
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A few useful links and things below.

Please note different AMD CPUs may require a different Kernel, please see the OSX AMD forum below for more.

OSX AMD Forum:
SierraAMD_4.5 image:
Kext Utility:
Clover Bootloader:
Clover Configurator:

VT-d = Off
Windows 7 installation mode = Off
Serial port (Super I/O) = Off
EFI Boot = On
Sata AHCI = On
CSM = On
USB Legacy =On
Secure Boot = Off (if it exists)
Fast Boot = Off
Set ErP = Enabled
Set XHCI Handoff to Enabled

-v npci=0x2000 nv_disable=1

sh /Volumes/SierraAMD/PostInstall/


  1. Hey man great guide, I get stuck when I try and install it, it gets stuck at the very beginning of the bar, says missing core services, service connection invalidated, then it says begin install, then session uuid file exists-will not overwrite/volumes/drivaname/.osinstallsansboxpath.

    Any idea what it would be?

  2. Think this will work on an HP AMD A10-5750M/Radeon 8650G laptop? I have one sitting here, and I want to give it a reason to live. The problem is the BIOS on this thing is locked down, very few options available for me to change.

  3. love your video…finally got to use clover configurator but going by your selection but when i reboot and as i have a windows 10 boot screen i used easybcd in windows to add a mac entry so i can select that but when it reboots after selection and goes into the clover screen showing the partitions…i selected my mac boot partition but give error….cant find mach_kernal!!!!

    Hmmm any thoughts?

  4. hi, i recent install sierra on my pc, but i had problems with the sound card , internet y more, so i decided to install again on the same ssd the sofware based on your video, gonna be a problem ?

  5. hi having trouble booting off USB. I click f12 to bring up the boot menu and then i select my flash drive and it then a 7 comes up. a second later a white line comes up. please help stuck

  6. hi will this work these are my pc specs
    CPU – AMD FX 4300 4.20GHz
    CPU Cooler- Arctic Cooling Alpine 64 GT Rev.2
    GPU – EVGA GeForce GTX 770 SC edition 2GB
    Ram – 12.00 GB Hyper x
    Motherboard- GA-78LMT-USB36.0
    Storage -240GB SSD,1.5TB ,1TB,5TB SERVER ,Plus mac Dedicated drive.
    Power supply – ATNG 550 W 80+ Bronze 6 and 6+2 PCI-E ErP Ready Power supply Unit
    Operating System – Windows 10 Pro (64bit) & Windows 7 professional (64bit)

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