iPod Touch Questions : How to Restore an iPhone & iPod Touch to Fix Freezing & Errors

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If you experience frustrating freezes and other errors when you try to use your iPod Touch, a hard reset using the “Sleep/Wake” and “Home buttons” can restore the device and fix that glitchy behavior. Learn how to thaw out those freezes in this free video addressing iPod Touch questions.

Expert: Elizabeth Watts
Bio: Elizabeth Watts has an extensive technical and artistic background. During her stint at Apple Retail, she focused on small iOD services, such as the iPod, iPhone and iPad.
Filmmaker: Laura Andrew

Series Description: You’ll get more enjoyment out of your iPod Touch when you know how to perform special functions and fix problems, and you’ll find the answers to your questions right here. A certified technician shares her expertise in this free video series.


  1. How the hell can you be certified to work with small devices?,
    Apple devices maybe, but not small devices, seriously??
    But they are good videos and are very helpful, but cmon?

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