iOS 11.2.x/11 JAILBREAK Info | Restore to iOS 11.1.2 / Filza For iOS 11 / iOS 11.3 Beta 5

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In today’s video, we’re discussing some important things related to the iOS 11.1.2 and how you can upgrade to it from an older jailbroken iOS version if you do have the SHSH2 blobs. We’re also going to talk about how this method is about to stop working very soon due to the fact that #iOS 11.3 Beta 5’s SEP is allegedly incompatible thus breaking the process in FutureRestore. We’re also talking about what you should use if you’re rocking a Windows computer. Normally, there is no official Windows version of FutureRestore, but a developer has compiled/adapted it for Windows and you can, therefore, do the upgrade/downgrades with blobs on Windows.

In this video, we also talk about the relatively known near future of iOS 11.2 up to 11.2.2. 1GamerDev made a statement on Twitter that actually reflects the situation very well. Since all we have for the moment is a PoC for a possible SandBox escape exploit for iOS 11.2 up to 11.2.2, the initial development for iOS 11.2 is not going to get close to Electra. In fact, it might be closer to Houdini than to Electra. By this I mean that it might be possible to change icons, dock-related stuff, resolution, block updates, modify control center, etc. but not real jailbreaks tuff until a proper Kernel exploit is out.

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▶ Filza for iOS 11 fork:
▶ FutureRestore for Windows:
▶ Electra 1.0.4 UPDATE Released:
▶ DoubleH3lix RC6 Jailbreak Released (iOS 10.3.3/10):
▶ How to remove to.panga:
▶ New iOS 11.2/iOS 11.2.1/11.2.2 Kernel BUG To Be Released Soon:

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  1. I’ve jailbroken my iPhone many times before and I got an iPad mini 4 with iOS 11.0.1 which is great so I jailbroke it.
    But… (really stupid question coming).. I don’t know where my tweak settings are. Like on the phone it’s in settings and you scroll down to see them. But I can’t find it on my iPad are the tweaks listed somewhere else? And if the placement of the tweaks are the same as an iPhone, does that mean the tweaks I’m turning to download are just unsupported?

  2. Wait so I have Blobs for iOS 11.0 and right now am running on iOS 11.2.6 on iPhone 6 Plus. Can I downgrade. If I do downgrade can I apply a iTunes backup because I have like 300 apps I want to keep. So can I downgrade and restore to iTunes backup?

  3. FCE, I'm getting a new computer in two weeks, will 11.2.6 still be signed? Will it still be possible to update once 11.2.6 is unsugned? What do you mean by complications? I have an i7 on 10.3.2 pls help!

  4. you didn't say how to use the future restore to upgrade from 10.3.1 to 11.1.2
    please link the method because i don't know how
    im on windows btw

  5. I wonder how many months I have to wait for iOS 11.2-11.2.2 jailbreak.
    I just want a stable Cydia jailbreak or just a jailbreak that allows me to open jailbreak apps like filza.

  6. The bright side of having an iPhone 5s, right now: I can upgrade to whatever iOS 10 I want due to the 10.3.3 OTA signing window forever opened. Even if I'm still on iOS 9.0.2 (extremely happy and with my device perfectly stable on it), at some point I'll need to move from (and saying "Goodbye" to the Untethered world ;-; ), but thanks to its signing window (and having all 10.x blobs saved), I prefer opting for a more stable and mature environment instead of 11.1.2 ones.

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