Install Windows 10 to Mac via Boot Camp Assistant (macOS High Sierra)

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Learn how to install Windows 10 to your Apple computer using Boot Camp Assistant (included in the Mac). Full tutorial & download link:

In this tutorial I’m using a 2017 12″ Macbook running macOS High Sierra but this should work the same for all versions.


  1. I've watched petty much every tutorial out there and they all say the same thing. It makes sense but when I do this I always get an error saying partitioning failed. I don't understand. I even "fixed" everything a billion times before I attempted it dozens of times. I don't know how to get it work and not give me an error.

  2. Hello, i dont think that you use MacOS High because in your Sys-Preferences i can see 10.12.5
    However every time I try to install Windows via Boot it fails because it cant partition the SSD

  3. You forgot to tell to listeners a major thing!!! How to install if have a fusion drive, because this install just dont work if you have fusion drive.Can't make partition and bootcamp quit

  4. The window at 1:54 looks a bit different to me. My bootcamp doesn't say : Macintosh HD will be partitioned as 
    My bootcamp says: APFS-Container disk1 will be partitioned as
    I don't have to mention that it will not work, but I can't figure out how to change it. I can't partition the system neither as I want to…

  5. Great instructional video. I just installed on a late 2017 5k 27" with zero issues on install. Only thing I see is my internet connection disconnects at random and download speeds are not what they should be. Can't seem to find out why?

  6. Thanks for the tutorial, but I've got a problem… The whole installation process goes very smoothly until the "getting ready" screen…. It shows up an error message: " The Computer Restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error.  Windows installation cannot proceed. To install Windows, click OK to restart the computer and then restart the installation"…. I click on Ok but everytime the same message appears and I'm stuck on a loop 🙁 please help

  7. This method only gives you LIMITED functionality. Most of it will work, but, try doing something simple like setting a Reset Point to roll your virtual pc back. You'll see a message saying that you cant do this UNTIL YOU ACTIVATE THE OS! Which means BUYING AN ACTIVATION KEY! So just bare in mind this is NOT a free FULLY FUNCTIONAL version of Windows 10.

  8. I have MacOs sierra 10.13.2 After configuration with bootcamp and specific size and iso file when the macbook boot it boot on macOs even when i press alt key there is no sign of BootCam partition

  9. Unfortunately, the bootcamp application does not show the same screen as this video. In mine, I have a choice of two actions, and they are different than those shown by DankusGD. There is no page for partition sizing or ISO selection.

  10. i installed it once on my mac which is running on macOS High Sierra(10.13).i gave 75gb for windows,but after installing windows and windows support software(WHICH IS DOWNLOADED AND STORED ON INTERNAL HARD DRIVE AUTOMATICALLY) ,in disk management of windows showing me that there is only 69.9 gb is allocated for windows bt in disk utility it is showing me 75gb is allocated for bootcamp …… my question is that ,where is my remaining 5gb of memory and how to add that 5gb to bootcamp drive?

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