Install OS X from the Internet – Replacing MacBook Pro Hard Drive Non-Retina – Part 2

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In this video I show you how to install OS X mac operating system on a brand new hard drive using Internet recovery. If your hard drive crashes and you have to replace it, this tutorial shows you how to fix it. Get your computer up and running quickly. This is part 2 of a 2 part series showing you how to replace your hard drive in your MacBook Pro. Blinking question mark? Look here.


  1. Thanks for this guide. I've just purchased a MacBook Pro mid 2012 13" model and upgraded the ram to 16gb and installed a new 500gb SSD so this video was great and really easy to follow. Many thanks ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  2. when trying to erase the computer is saying "wiping volume data to prevent future accidental probing failed". Does anyone knows how to resolve this issue?

  3. This is one precise solution for reinstalling Mac OS. Thanks man. I've watched too many craps on the internet, and I'm tired. Then I watched this video feeling like throwing out all the stress. Thanks really. Good job for excellent video. Amazing.

  4. hi. I just got a macbook pro mid 2009 and i really wanted to change hd to ssd, my questions are: SATA cable is compatible? second: can i do a internet install on the new ssd using recovery menu? even my ssd being empty? my mac: macbook pro 13'3 core 2 duo 2,26gh 4gb ram 1333 in a single slot running el capitan os x im from Brazil sorry my bad english.

  5. I have a Macbook Pro mid-2010 (7,1) and have upgraded to an SSD. I formatted the new SSD, and when i boot to Internet recovery and try to re-install Mac OS, it prompts me to install the Sierra OS, not Lion…I'm wondering if I am missing a step?

  6. I was installing a new SSD hard drive to my Macbook Pro (2012) and went to recovery mode and ,, Starting Internet Recovery. This may take a while'' comes up. After that I erased my hard drive and when I press continue to reinstall macOS Sierra a small window pops up and say's ,,To download and restore macOS, your computer's eligibility will be verified with Apple. I press Continue and another windows pops up and say's ,,UNTRUSTED_CERT_TITILE'' from there I am stuck.

  7. If I bought a MacBook without a hard drive then would I be able to install a hard drive into the computer and install mac OS onto the hard drive using the recovery tool?

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