iCloud Tutorial: How to use iCloud Keychain with a Mac, iPad or iPhone…

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In this lesson see how iCloud keychain can create, save and sync passwords across your iCloud enables devices like a Mac, iPad or iPhone. Learn much more about using iCloud in our full course available on www.TheMacU.com


  1. What I don’t like about Keychain is it actually allows you to auto fill login details from your saved passwords list for websites other than the one you are trying to login to. All it takes is a miss click and that website has a failed login attempt from an account that doesn’t belong to it, but it will know that it’s a valid account from a different website. Seems a long shot I know, but Apple shouldn’t allow you to select credentials on other “passwords” if they weren’t saved from that particular website

  2. So going into this I was thinking "I'm dumb, I should know this" now I am thinking. "I am dumb and I did know this." Thank you for making a clear, simple, easy tutorial.

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