I Need Help To Restore My iPod Classic!! It’s Not Working For Me!!

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My iPod Classic can’t seem to restore. It looks like the files or the iPod itself was corrupted. Is there any possibilities to some how to restore my iPod classic? Please let me know. I’m running windows vista. When I try to restore, it gives me an error message in iTunes. Error message number 1439. So, in the video I show you the process that I go through but it doesn’t seem to go back to normal how it was before or at least to restore it.


  1. hey guys use win xp to restore 🙂 mine ipod 160gb drops error 1439 on restore using win7. then grab dekstop pc with win xp and restored with any error 🙂 this help me . hope i help coment if help to someone

  2. People I found out how to fix that if you want to know just reply and i will tell you. What was happening to mine is it was rebooting over and over and making tick sound every time.

  3. I had the exact same thing happen. I pressed MENU and CENTER together and it came back. I didn't have it connected to the computer. I hope yours came back for you

  4. 1.Click top and middle button for 5 seconds
    2.Click bottom and middle button for 5 seconds
    3.Plug IPod into Mac
    4.If you have ITunes, recover IPod
    6.If recovery complete…Done!

  5. For real…. I've had this 160 KB iPod Classic since 2009 and never had any problems until the last time I upgraded the iTUNES on the computer (2013) when I noticed problems. Today, I decided to load a MP3 on it and was prompted by a screen message that said that my iPOD needed to be restored. I figured I better not do it, since it will erase all contents on the iPOD. BUT what I did do was a reset factory setting AND NOW I WISH I DIDN'T TOUCH THOSE TWO BUTTONS (center button & menu button)!!!! OH MY GOD!
    I'm soooooo sorrrry that I did it. Now I can't get this damn device working! Windows don't recognize it either.

    UPDATE: 6:45 pm

    Things got rather worst! There is a message which I got that says the 1439 code error … This iPod cannot be restored! I'm so livid at this point. Never again will I have another iPod and upgrade to current editions. Folks, if your iTunes works for you, don't change it (or upgrade it). If your operating system is good for you, don't upgrade it (or change it).

    You've been warned and I've been had! I'm going back to holding CD players (and even sound systems of the old with CD changers (and with cassette players, too). I am so distraught. {NOT A HAPPY CAMPER}

  6. I had this problem too, I updated iTunes and quick time then I plugged in my I-pod. a window pops up letting you know that u need to restore the I-pod, keep note you will loose all your music, videos and movies…. all of it so hopefully u had them backed up. click restore and give it a few mins. and your I-pod will work (w/ no music) and that's it. Deuces

  7. @Dave Gill
    i can't not use the windows to complete formation of my ipod,the windows shown :windows cant complete formation message.
    do anyone know how to fix it?

  8. @Dave Gill — Fantastic instructions. Worked well. Took many tries but I think the alternate form, of formatting (NSTC) assisted with the problem. After many tries,  I did that formatting and the normal formatting one right after the other. Then performed a restore. We shall see how it holds up. Apple website is useless. What would we do without YOUTUBE and users like Dave Gill !!!!

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