How To Wipe a Mac Clean, Clean, Clean to Sell/ Give Away OSX Sierra

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What to do before You wipe your mac,.. and how to clean/wipe/erase it fully before selling your computer. This was done on Sierra 10.12.6
This video is for instructional purposes only. Do this procedure at your own risk! Take a Bath Productions assumes no liability if your computer gets messed up.


  1. Hello,
    Please help. Thank you for your clear instructions and I followed the steps you gave to erase my data and restore.and I thought everything was going well., but Something went wrong. I don't know how to fix it.
    I signed out of ITunes, I signed out of ICloud. Unchecked everything in those boxes that your illustration showed. Got into the Device Utilities? For security I chose 7 pass. It only took about 6 hours for my data to erase. My problem is that I never get a " Done button or or a message that says Erase was successful.
    Sio my next step was to try to reinstall. I went back to device utility and tried to click on "Reinstall"
    But it won't reinstall. I keep getting a pop up window telling me to put in my Apple ID and Password. So I don't know what is wrong.
    After many attempts of shutting down and restarting ,I still can't reinstall. So I tried putting my Apple ID and Password back in when it prompted me to to see if it would bring me back to the original Apple screen before I tried to " Erase",. A message will pop up That say's This item is temporary unavailable , Try l again Later.
    Can you give any suggestions to fix my problem.

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