How to Upgrade your macbook from Snow Leopard to El Capitan in 30 mins

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Upgrading macOS 10.6 Snow Leopard to El Capitan 10.11. As an initial step for upgrading older OS to MacOS Sierra.

Visit the Apple Support URL below for further details about Upgrading your OS X El Capitan.


  1. For frigg sake, PLEASE turn that music VERY DOWN or OFF. It is LOUD music and I cannot hear what you are saying. Why do so many Youtubers do that ? Do they not even play the video back first and check it ? If I want friggin' music I'll put the bloomin' radio on mate !

  2. how does this impact performance? I'm worried about it slowing everything down to the point of uselessness. (for reference – I have 4GB RAM as opposed to the standard 2)

  3. Hi. I opened the site for El Capitan on Apple. I go to How to Upgrade to El Capitan. Then I click on "get El Capitan from the App store" and it opens the page with the "Get" button. But that button is more bluish and when I click it nothing happens. I don't get the drop-down Install now menu. I just updated my Snow Leopard. It was an update 1.1 and also a supplemental package. Or is there a later update also? My snow leopard is 10.6.8. Do you have any idea how to get the "Get" button to work? Or do you know any other way to get the El Capitan? Thanks for your help.

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