How To Upgrade MacBook Pro Memory – Crucial Ram Install

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Full video tutorial on how to upgrade the MacBook Pro memory and install ram. For this install I will be swapping out the stock 4GB ram for 2 8GB ram sticks. This will give my mid 2012 MacBook Pro a total of 16G of ram.

Crucial Memory – Compatible With Mac

Screwdriver Kit For Macs

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  1. Ok so I just installed my 16gb ram on my mid 2012 MBP 13" I also have a crucial 525gb ssd installed. I ran novabench after installing everything and I dunno if it's just me or what but my score came out to be pretty low.. I did 685. Is that a normal score for what I have? It's a i5 2.5 GHz with ssd and the 16gb ram I just installed. A little help with info would be appreciated!

  2. Oh god. Screw driver kit built for Macs. First We had Apple's own Charger. Then we had thunderbolt. and now we have exclusive Apple screw Driver kits. just another way to screw the consumer.

  3. I wanna upgrade the memory ram on my Mac, but I first wanna know: If I put a third party memory ram on it, Would I lose the repair service I could get for a future accident from Apple? I just got a really expensive water damage that only Apple was able to repair, so I just wanted to make sure before trying to do something like this upgrade.

  4. I just purchased my macbook pro.  I was told that I can only upgrade to 8gb memory.  Why were you able to upgrade to 16 and we have the same macbook?

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