How to update macOS 10.12.2 Sierra on unsupported Mac

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How to install system updates macOS 10.12.x on unsupported Mac…
Updating vs AUS –
Install macOS on unsupported Mac –

Old patcher version won’t works on updated system, correct. But you just need to download latest patcher(macOS Sierra Patcher Tool for Unsupported Macs) and it is works fine on 10.12.1 Here is macOS Sierra Patcher Tool – Changelog – and here is latest patcher (Current version: 4.2.0) – also all versions of patcher is here – Best regards!


  1. First,Thank you for everything!,It really woks!,But does anyone knows about any solution for the wire less card not working problem after upgrading to Sierra on a iMac 8.1 early 2008 (not supported mac),any patch or else? Please let me now!

  2. Finally i've made it to install Sierra 10.12.1, using the newest patch (4.2.1) from "dosdude1", without the "menu items bar" problem. Instead of the "menu items bar" now you can select the utilities within a box on the left site on the screen.

    iMac 9.1 (24-inch, Early 2009)

    For those who used AUSEnabler and need to re-patch the kext files (Post-Installer) on version 10.12.1, because of the kernel panics using third part apps, you also may need to rebuild a Sierra 10.12.1 USB Flash drive using the 4.2.1 patch. Otherwise you'll get the message "wrong version" and you're not be able to do a re-patch.

  3. I dropped Sierra for this moment and reversed back to El Capitan on my iMac (24-inch, begin 2009). Updating to version 10.12.1, after some time, Sierra was completely frozen and causes a kernel panic and it also didn't let me boot into the safe mode. Even Disk Utility was hard to pass by. After resetting my SMC & PRAM i gave Sierra a second chance but later on the same problem pops-up. Sinds i reversed back to El Capitan everything is working fine.

  4. Hello – i just update my mbp mid 2009 to Sierra 10.12.1 with this fantastic Tip and the Tool AUSEnabler. I am very happy – good work – just one Question: do i have to restore Catalog Settings back to Standard or can i leave Settings as they were now? Thx Again for Support ☺️

  5. Today i used "AUSEnabler" for the first time to get system update 10.12.1 through the Apple update service and guess what? It worked perfectly. My system is now updated to Sierra 10.12.1 without any problem. Thanks for this incredible tool!

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