How to Sync a BlackBerry with a Mac and iTunes

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This video shows how to sync any Blackberry device with a USB connection to your Mac via software. iTunes can sync your music easily, and also your contacts, calendars, and more. Enjoy

Blackberry Desktop Manager for Mac:

Blackberry Desktop Manager for PC:

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  1. ONE THING FOR SURE–there is a market out there for techs with know-how to do hands-on (in a shop or in person) wrestling Blackberrys into submission! Too much trouble with Blackberrys to solve ourselves just by reading online advice.

  2. My 9900 is not fully recognized by Mac since something accidentally must've been deleted somewhere! "9900" shows on screen but that's all. Something about "not synchronized" is displayed too, but cannot be solved (by me….).

  3. im trying to sync songs from itunes to blackberry curve, it worked before but not anymore. I think it needs a software update and it doesn't work either…maybe time for a new phone

  4. everytime i try to sync it it says " This BlackBerry® device requires write permissions on your media card to sync your media files." what should i do?

  5. so I synced all my contacts to my computer I thought but I can not find where they went. the worse part is all my contacts are gone from my phone. how can I fix this? I have a BB Bold 9930.

  6. @xSuBZeRoGFX what ive done in the past is take out the memory card and use a USB card reader that is for that memory card. You can get one from a wal-mart pretty cheap. The open up the folder that has the videos and click and drag or copy to the desktop.

  7. When I click the link for the wallpapers Mediafire say "0 items found to display"
    You have a really nice wallpaper, could you please make a link to it?

  8. When I open blackberry desktop manager it says welcome…blah blah blah, because it is my first time opening the software. It says "To begin, plug in your blackberry with the supllied USB cable." I did that, and NOTHING happens. Except my phone charges lol. PLEASE HELP@!!

  9. Hi, great vid! If I transfer my contact list from my blackberry to my macbook like you have shown in this vid, can i then transfer that contact list from my mac to a iphone (as i have one on the way) ! I have been searching the web for this info and it seems that its almost impossible to transfer a blackberry contact list to a iphone via a mac! Its possible on windows using outlook but i dont use that shit ! Otherwise im going to have to do it manually and that will take hours on end !!

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