How To Stream Video from MacBook Air to Samsung SmartTv Free Wireless

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How To Stream Video from MAC to Samsung SmartTv Free Wireless. Step 1:
Download Plex on your MAC or PC:


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Step 2: Watch the video

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How to AirPlay Videos And Photos from iPhone to Smart Tv:


  1. I downloaded this on my TV, and I had to go to the website to enter a code. It linked to my computer, supposedly, but when I click on the app on my TV, it says "User doesn't have access to any servers or shared content" and does not allow me to do anything on the app. Never asked for my IP address (but I assume it must've gotten it when I entered the code). I looked on the site itself, and it made me create an account. After creating a username and password, it took me to a page where I saw that an account is minimum $4.99/month. So this may be why I don't "have access to any servers or shared content"… >:-( I guess this was a waste of time! I'll have to find another way.

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