How to Run Fake/Custom Package Files from USB/HDD (4.55/4.05 Jailbreak)

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How to run custom/fake package files such as PS4 backup games, homebrew apps and PS2 games on a 4.55 PS4. This video also covers how to run the package files from a USB device instead of the internal hard drive.

Download Links:
NetCat Payload Injector:!iMF1HJ6S!Tpsz4KUMwsc50IukNzXH3CBHhHCEB-vvh8qEY5247vE

ApptoUSB 4.55:

ApptoUSB 4.05:


  1. man does it work with ps4 pro and what about the games where can i download them from will i be able to use boost mode and if i go online and dont sign into psn will i get banned tell me all about it i wanna be sure before i do this please

  2. When you run the "original" payload and switch the install path to the external device, does it automatically delete the copy on the internal drive? You never manually deleted the install off the internal so this video makes it look like the pkg is still installed on your internal drive. Please clarify. Thanks!

  3. Why not just add an external hard drive as extended memory device?
    I am under the impression that Sony implemented external storage support in Firmware 4.50

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