How to restore your iPhone or iPod to factory settings.

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This video shows you how to not only restore your iPhone/iPod, but to choose the specific firmware you want to restore to.

Here is a link to all of the iPhone/iPod firmware:


  1. Thank you for sharing this video with us. I really have an important question. I accidentally restored my phone to factory setting, that is because I was stuck in the recovery mode so while my Phone was plugged into the computer I was taken to the Itone where it showed I need to restore my Iphone. So my question is, is there a solution I can restore my phone because I lost everything? I lost my data apps.what should I do?I will really appreciate your help.

  2. hi i am in need of help like now….can someone please help me on how to restore or fix my sound on my iPhone 3g…i was changing my sms tones and soemthing must have went wrong and now none of my sound work except my sound for the music and certain sms tones

  3. @themikkk1 I believe that after 4.1 itunes may take away the ability to downgrade the firmware. I have been out of the jailbreaking business for a while now. Sorry if I cant answer much.

  4. Hey there. I'm trying to restore my iphone to 4.0.1, and I'm on the step where you say hold shift and hit restore, but a window pops up that gives me an option to restore and update or cancel. It doesn't allow me to browse for the file! HELLLLP!!!

  5. @FilmStudent1895 i restored my iphone with the latest dfu and after i just got a screen with a usb sign and like emergency call only.. on itunes it sais "the sim card in this phone does not appear to be supported" help.

  6. Hi Filmstudent1895, doing the factory restore as per your video, does this mean you lose all my apps, and contacts / pictures? If so, can i just re-sync to get my apps/pictures/contacts back?

    many thanks

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