How to Restore Your Computer from System Image – Learn Windows 7

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Beginners Guide to Windows 7 – How to perform a advanced system restore from a backup image


  1. Plz hepl me mera laptop mein kafi data thaw pix thi bohaatt tow virus a gya laptop mein tow sub pix delete ho gae khudhii ab new window ki tow pix nae ai wo.. usk liye kya krun jo a jayein help me plzzz mein bohat tense hun

  2. Windows cannot find a system image on this computer Attach the backup hard disk or insert the final DVD from backup set and click retry. alternatively, close this dialog for more options


  3. I've tried this procedure and when I do the first restart I get a message, "Computer can not restart".  This ends the process of restoring the system image.  Doe's anyone have a suggestion?

  4. Hi, thank you for your video.
    I have downgraded my laptop to windows 7 a while ago (for software compatibility). Is it posible to restore the windows 10 image I had created on an external drive?

  5. I have a Windows 7 system image from my previous pc on an external hard drive. I now have a new computer running Windows 10. Is it possible to overwrite Windows 10 on this new pc with the system image of W7 from my old pc?

  6. after I put in my installation disc and try to repair it goes into system recovery but I can't make any choices it directly starts searching for windows installations and has been like this for the past 10 hours

  7. I have window 7 installation disk which came with computer but keep getting message your system needs to be repair and to use disk to do it. It's not working. I don't get anything on screen after inserting the disk into drive. PLEASE HELP

  8. how do you get a new copy my registry is corrupt and I just wanted to do a factory reset and HP says only Image reset and dvd reload and I have no copy to do this how can I get a copy[download] thats not corrupt or missing files ?

  9. The video is confusing and incomplete. There is a big missing link between backup and restore. After backup or before backup it is necessary to create repair disc. and how repair disc come in play white booting is not shown or missing.. The video presentation is great however keeps a learner in dark.

  10. I did all the steps, but thr last thing when it come to the recommended system image.. I can't click on that option, it crossed.. I only have to click the option in the bottom. (choose system folder) and it's more complex so and on

  11. Thanks. Huge computer fuck up. Tried to manually install a driver, wasn't compatible and blue screen of death wouldn't stop. Even when we deleted the driver via safe mode. Couldn't even use system restore. Good think I backed up my c drive when I bought my laptop. Just have to reinstall all my programs now 🙂

  12. Need help guys please help me i am in bog trouble.
    I already have windows 7 image backup in external drive via windows backup tool.
    I cannot restore it it hangs at 50%
    please help me to restore my image.
    please guys its very critical data on it.

  13. I have made a complete image of my win7 on D partition of my hard drive, took about 30Gb, (win is on C partition), same hard drive. Now I want to restore it using original win 7 disk to boot up.
    Question is. Will I lose my data from D when I restore win?

  14. What a F**.. he said "Full system restore come in handy if you have any problems in the computer such as viruses, hard drive failures or anything else that could go wrong…you can go to START>>ALL PROGRAMS……"

    how can we go to windows START if we have hard drive failures? or we have virus in our computer? we cant even boot to windows..

  15. Hello, I'm running into a couple of problems.  1) at the screen that states my HD will be formatted and that I should have a set of recovery discs.  This section is not on your video.  The only option it gives me is to burn a set or cancel.  When I click to create the set, it errors out.  FYI…my computer doesn't have a built-in burner.  2) Also, there a section that asks to back up before proceeding (as your video shows).  However, it's a brand new HD I'm installing (therefore nothing to back up).  My ultimate goal is to image my new HD with the image from my old HD.

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