How to restore Windows 10 system on MSI Notebooks

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This video will show you how to restore your Windows 10 operating system by using [F3 Recovery] and [Windows 10 Settings]

1. F3 Recovery
2. Windows 10 Settings.

If your notebook originally came with Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 preinstalled. And you have since than upgraded to Windows 10.

This procedure is not valid. Instead, check the procedure with following link for this system.

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Pour les utilisateurs français, vous trouverez la vidéo vous expliquant ce qu’il faut savoir avant la mise à jour vers Windows 10 ici :


  1. If I make a recovery disk from the MSI tool, the instructions say that it will format my drive before setting up my MSI back to factory settings, But when it does that, what happens to my data? Do I need to back up my C drive (data) first, then create a recovery disk? BTW….My M.2 is my C drive with Windows 10 (which came with my system) and my second HDD has other data. So on my C drive only parts from the programs installed on my second drive, requires some data on the C drive… Sorry for all this info at once, but I am very confused with this process. Thank you for any help…

  2. Can I ask anyone who has this why has this got 2 GFX card one Microsoft HD 620 and GTX 1070 ? How does this work gaming huh confussed with one will run games and none games help thanks I'm new to MSI Laptops.

  3. 1. Please make sure the disk partition's layout is in factory default setting.
    2. Please make sure current OS HDD is in the master HDD place.

    how to fix it ..,, thanks in advance

  4. i get error code 0x0000225 when i press f3. i dnt have cd or usb to recovery. what should i do? i dnt have dvd drive. how can i reset my laptop. this is so annoying.

  5. how to do it step by step
    1. If your win10 still working. You can use MSI Burnrecovery from your win10. Burn it (requires more than 17gb free space). I advice you to use USB flash drive 32gb (3.0 if possible). So, you run MSI burnrecovery, choose where you want to burn image of your system then hit agree button. After all you can use this USB flash drive to restore FACTORY image.
    2. If win10 not working. You should enter recovery menu (blue background) choose troubleshooting -> restore your laptop with available option (refresh or something). Your Windows 10 will be restored but some of preinstalled software will not work correctly or not work at all. You must do 1.
    with the usb ready with the image turn off pc, power on and press f10,f11or f12 to get the boot menu (dont change nothing in bios) select uefi usb kingston or what ever your usb is and msi recovery system appear, choose the second option if you have and ssd and whait to finish the process.

  6. After selecting troubleshoot option in the recovery menu I cannot find Reset this PC nor Restore MSI factory options..
    It takes me to the advaced options directly!
    My laptop is Ge72 6QD Apache Pro

  7. Hello. I need help. My laptop is almost 1 month old but the new update of windows 10 is causing my laptop crash from time to time. I was thinking to reset it using F3. Or is there any other way to fix this? I'm using Msi GL62M 7RDx. Asap and thank you.

  8. Thank you so much for the F3 recovery got so scared I got a virus or malicious malware in my 2k dollars gaming computer I recently bought and couldn't remove it. I thought I just threw away 2k dollars to some idiot who made the software to ruins peoples lives.

  9. How do you restore if you can't get to the recovery options? I get a screen with error code 0xc0000225. Only option is to go into bios. Nothing else works.

  10. Hello, when i bought my msi gl62 7qf, it comes with two partition: C and D, unfortunately i just required one. I spoke with microsoft team and they told me that i have to format all the computer so my question is: If i use msi recovery system, it will restore the OS on C and also it will create the partition D by default? Or is there any option on msi recovery system to select that i wanted just one partition. If not, the only solution is what Microsoft team told me? Format the hard drive, and then distribute all the space in one partition?.. Thanks in advance..

  11. This video was sort of helpful.
    However after ten min. call to msi I found out that if you've recovery USB drive then press F11 to select the boot device, here you can choose the USB flash drive to boot from to do the system recover.
    My question is since this laptop comes with 2 Storage drives, does this recover option deletes files on that secondary HDD as well? Please, LMK!

  12. Thanks for the video. Will the above process work if I change my old SSD to new SSD? Will i lose my windows registration for the laptop if I install a new SSD?

  13. I tried to do the reset both using the F3 option, the MSI option and the Reset from Windows. In all cases I get this error message: "There was a problem resetting your pc" No changes were made. It sucks that there is no support on weekends. I would rather change Tuesday and Wednesday for Saturday and Sunday.

  14. I just reset my Msi but I didn't see the restore MSI factory settings. And after the reset, It said "your pc have been reset but not all personal files have clean

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