How to Restore to any firmware for iPod Touch/iPhone

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Step 1) First go to the link in the description and select the firmware you want
Step 2) You will switch the save type to all files and add .ipsw onto the end of the file name
Step 3) Open iTunes and go to your ipod
Step 4) Press shift+click restore
Step 5) Then go and select your firmware and open it
Link to website to get firmware:

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  1. I'm having trouble. I did exactly what you said in the description, but Im getting an error in iTunes ( 3194 ). I cant Restore my iPod Touch to iOS 5.1.1 !

  2. hey, i need help. i got an ipod touch 4g i upgraded the software on itunes and now it's being really slow =[ problem is i dont know what software it was and i already restored it but its still slow and the software now is 4.3.2 i think it was 4.3.1? can i still downgrade

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