how to restore ipod touch from lock out or forgetting passcode

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  1. THANK U! I accidentally locked my friend from her iPod and I feel really guilt when I dont see her chatting on viber or skype. I really wanna see her tomorrow to tell her bout this. THANKS A BUNCH!!!!!

  2. excellent man!!!   thanks a million for posting this –  the KEY is holding down the home button – after you hit the off and the home button together – then with it plugged in to iTunes – you can do a restore – ….. this iPod touch of mine – locked up on a gig – (I'm a jazz musician – and use it all the time – for bass) …. pissed me off – but at least I can get it back to working condition.  have no idea what the hell happened to it – …. oh – my iPod also started talking everything that was on the screen –  has something to do with accessibility settings – ….   Thanks Again… I'm in the process of restoring my iPod touch. 

  3. Thanks for the video. It's been sitting in my drawer for over a year now. I was more obsessed with my smartphone to really care. Recently decided to try and clear it and stumbled upon your video. Very helpful and VERY easy. Thanks again.

  4. want to thank you so much worked great  son got a new ipod touch and he set a lock code and forgot what it was in seconds…  lol   we never had a chance to even look at it…   now its back to new again   thanks !!

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