How to Restore Documents in Windows 10 from External Hard Drive

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In my previous video, we looked at how to backup files and folders to an external hard drive in Windows 10.

In this video, we’re going to look at the other side of this; how to recover files and folders from your backup in Windows 10.

In this example, I have created a Word document called “test”. I then took a backup of the PC and a few days later, I deleted the Word document. So in this video, we’re going to restore the file.

The first thing you need to do is connect your external backup drive what you used to take your Windows 10 backup, to your PC.

Then, browse to Start, Settings, Update & Security.

Within Update & Security, select “Backup”.

Underneath “Backup using File History”, choose “More Options.”

In the “Overview” section, we can see that the last backup was taken on the 03/01/2017 and the size of the backup was just over 6GB.

Next, we need to scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select “Restore Files from a Current Backup”.

A pop-up will then appear which reads the data from the external hard drive. The window is user-friendly. We can toggle between all the backups taken on each day. If we’ve just realised that we deleted a file some weeks ago, then it’s easy to go right back and restore the data.

I know that my Word document was stored in the “Documents” folder so I browse to it and find the Test Document. To restore this document, I just click on the green tab at the bottom of the screen and the document will be instantly restored to my Documents folder.

Restoring documents is easy!

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  1. if i cancel a certain folder on my first hard drive that is already on my file history will be deleted at the next back up? and if not my history files will grow at infinity? and to avoid this i must manually delete unwated folders or files?

  2. The only other thing  that I can think of is 3 days after getting my pc back from the pc repair shop it got over run with viruses again so I did a reset on my pc could that have turned off  my recovery, system restore,  file history ( I have no  file history that can be found ) and back-up for windows 10 could that do it? please answer I need to know?         PS. it said I can get history from windows 7 I tried but the same thing happened "grayed out signs " so I can't change it!

  3. My file history, system restore and back-up for  windows 10 is all turned off and can't be turned on for all these systems the signs that said turn-on or ok or anything that can move me forward to correct the problem is grayed out! so I can't fix it, last month I took my pc to get repaired due to it was over run with viruses, the repair man said I should up date to windows 10 ( I had windows 7) so he wiped my pc and give me windows 10 do you think he turned all of these off ?

  4. Great video, thanks…Now, how do you use the external drive to restore the files in a different pc? I bought a new one and want to restore the backup at my new pc (both with Win10 and I did the documents backup with File History as you describe in the previous video)

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