How To Password Protect an Existing Folder

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Compatible For: Disk Utility in OS X Yosemite and Earlier.

Password Protect Existing Folder in OS X El Capitan:

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Performed and Tested On MacBook Air (Late 2013) and Using OS X Mavericks 10.9.2

Apple’s Intel Based Systems:
Mac mini
Mac Pro
MacBook Air
MacBook Pro


In this Episode: How To Encrypt and Password Protect A Folder in OS X.

I have also included a Bonus part at the end showing how to change the Icon of the Default Password Protected File from this to this.

So…Let’s Get Started

To Encrypt and Password Protect all the files in a Folder is a relatively easy process, In this example, I’ll protect the Folder named Black Book.

Launch Disk Utility and from the Disk Utility menu bar, click on File then select New and then click Disk Image from Folder…

Then select the Folder to Encrypt and Password Protect, which in my case is the Black Book Folder and located on the Desktop, then click the Image button here.

Now click on the Image Format Drop-down list and select read/write and from the Encryption Drop-down list, choose 128-bit.

After pressing the Save Button, an Encrypted file will be created with the Black Book folder in it and then a Pop-Up Windows will appear so that you can Password Protect the dmg and all its content, which is basically the Black Book Folder.

After choosing a Password make sure to Un-Check…Remember Password in my keychain otherwise it will defeat the purpose of Password Protecting a Folder.

You can now delete the Original Black Book folder as you have it protected in the Black Book dmg file.

Now, whenever you double clicking on the Black Book dmg file, you will be asked to enter the Password that you just set, after entering your password, a mounted disk will open…

just double click on the mounted disk to view or add more files to the Black Book Folder and eject or un-mount the Disk when finished by dragging it to the Trash.

As promised…the Bonus bit.

To change the Icon of the Protected file, Control-click or right-click on an Icon that you want to use…in this example I’ll use the Keychain Access Icon and select Get Info..

Do the same for the Black Book dmg File.

Now click on the Keychain Icon here…you will know if it’s selected because there will be a blue glow around the icon, and from the Finder menu bar, click Edit and select copy.

Likewise, click on the Black Book Icon here and then from the Finder menu bar, click Edit and select Paste.

And that’s all there is to it.

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