How to make a Mac OS X Lion BACK UP DVD !!!

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  1. @123456iambelial for your case if any problems occur you just turn your Mac on and hold down option key you will see a hard drive called recovery mode and you can redownload Lion from the App store for free .But if you have a friend with snow leopard you can download the Lion from the app store and you will get a file called Lion install .dmg then you can save this file on a thumb drive or DVD .The size is about 3.7 GB.

  2. @pubate1 I finally bought my MBP, and it came with Lion 10.7 already, but there is no backup disc. Is there a way I can create my own backup disc for offline installation?


  3. @pubate1 Hello,
    I have a question about the the first account you have created, it is going to be an admin account? On Windows the very first account is an admin account, so is it the same with Mac?
    I am asking you because I am planning to get a Mac and use my Windows just for gaming.

    Thanks again

  4. @123456iambelial You should be able to just go into the Mac App Store and go to those three apps, or look under “purchases” and re-download them for free BUT after you bought your Mac you have to register the product first on the Apple website.It's easy : ) Oh.. please subscribe .

  5. Hello pubate1,
    I am going to buy my very first Apple product which is the MBP 13". I am going to follow how you clean installed the Lion OSX, but I have a question. How am I going to install all the software that came with the MBP? Are they on the CD that came with it or do I have do get them back thru itunes?
    I have bought the MBP yet, I just want to make sure that I got every thing right.


  6. You're amazingly good at your job. Some people just punch in a 9-5 shift and that is why they never achieve anything. Hard work and dedication is a dying art, and you always put the most into learning the most. You're a good…er, apple 🙂

  7. @earlbee31 I'm glad you are happy with this video .I which I could demonstrate better with on screen instruction but now I really don't have time to make such clips .As a trainer for Mac stores I have to learn all over again to make a group demo at the store .It's a pain caused by the Lion.

  8. After installing Lion and using it for a couple of days I decided to go back to Snow Leopard because at this moment there a few apps I use that are not working on Lion which I use on Snow Leopard. I like Lion and it's new features like I mentioned many times, but I don't recommend upgrading right now.

  9. Mark, thanks for this helpful video. Also, I have read that Apple plans on making OS X Lion available in the online Apple store via a thumb drive, similar to what was packaged with the previous version of the MacBook Airs. I am wondering what you can say about this. Thanks.

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