How to Install macOS Sierra (Hackintosh) on PC Without Mac – Very Easy

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Quick little tutorial demonstrating how to make a Hackintosh.
This should work for most people but all PCs are different and could run into different problems.
Sorry for weird resolution this was my first time editing with iMovie and I messed something up and was too lazy to go back and fix it since it didn’t really take away from the video. 😛
MultiBeast –
macOS raw file –
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  1. Guys who really want to install hackintosh you need many stuff and time (brainstorm too!).
    1.make your own or other genius config.plist. THAT IS REALLY IMPORTANT AND A MISTAKE OF THE FILE LETTING YOU IN KERNAL PANIC.
    2.Find all kext you need or else, cant start installation.In verbose or save mode, it will appear ""device still havent ready…" something like that as known some input device not functioning like no driver. So find it if you can!
    3. last point i need to mentioned that is if you see "still waiting for rooted device" and a white circle and slash in verbose mode thats is easy to solve, use usb drive 3.0 or usb port 3.0

    And all other like running untill half just a white circle and slash popup, your config plist wrong.So its a hard work
    Think twice before doing this, killing your time… But you would me very happy as me that you install the hackintosh, you will think like, "WOW, what a master piece I created :D".

  2. Hey so i follow the steps as shown in the video and when i try to install it shows the apple logo and a loading bar that is weirdly off to one side, when it gets to about 50% it just goes black. any suggestions? The device im trying to install it on is a HP 9470M I5 3427u 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD

  3. Hi, im heaving some problems with the resolution of my display i have a CPU: Intel i5 2310 2.90ghz, RAM: 8GB, MotherBoard: MsiH61MU-E35(B3), GPU: Gigabyte GTX1050 OC 2GB, im using HDMI port and i tryed to install web nvidia drivers and nothing same option of display resolution 1024×768… could you help me ?

  4. when i choose the usb on the boot menu, it doesn't work and it goes on windows diagnostics, sorry for the english i'm italian, pls give me a simple answer because i don't understand english very well. i've a legacy boot and i try to put 'SATA Controller Mode' on AHCI. please help me!!! clover doesn't start.

  5. The only Mac OS USB Sticks that my PC reconigzes are the usb(s) which are written with a raw file. This one partially works. I can install it, and almost everything is good but… when i think that i'm ready, there are 2 problems:
    – Internet doens't work (Cable)
    – My graphics card is probally not reconigzed (it can display only 800×600 and 1024×768 when my GPU can display 1366×768, i have a GT 610).

  6. When I’m trying to boot up the screen go to black, i change the fake cpuid and do the other things but i don’t understand the first thing when said “add -v and -x to boot args” y have to put -v -x kext-dev-mode=1?

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