How to Install macOS High Sierra Public Beta on an Unsupported Mac

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In this video, I go over the process of installing macOS 10.13 High Sierra Public Beta on an unsupported Mac. The process is relatively easy, and is nearly identical to the method of installing Sierra on an unsupported Mac, using an updated version of my macOS Sierra Patcher tool.

As for compatibility, this works on any machine that the original Sierra patcher worked on. High Sierra did break some things, such as battery status and trackpad support on some machines, but the tool will be updated with new fixes and patches as they are developed.

Everything you need can be found here:


  1. Heyy friend
    You are really incredible
    I'll donate you as soon as possible
    Do you think, it will be possible run MacOS10.14 in the future on unsuported Macs?
    (Guys who are watching the video It works perfectly just read step by step of the tutorial)


  2. Hello dosdude…I have a early 2008 Mac Pro loaded with El Capitan. I have tried your way via the patch following your instructions carefully at least 6 times. I’ve also gone in and disabled the SIP. Everything works perfectly until I switch on to reboot from the flash drive. It starts loading with the Apple logo and then stops on a white circular no entry icon on the screen? Am I missing something? Please could you revert back to me..I’d really appreciate it..
    Thank you.

  3. I have updated my hard drive all the way from snow leopard running every os and now i was able to run sierra and now running 10.13.3 public beta on macbook pro mid 2009, 4gb ram. thank you so much.

    one question, if maces 10.14 comes out, will you attemp to make a patcher for it.

  4. Hello Dosdude..
    Thanks for this sparkly has been very easy to install Mac OS 10.13.1 with a USB key on my Macbook Pro (2009) with your help & explanations..but i'm struggling now with the update process..tried to install the 10.13.2 version has been not successful until now..something i still don't understand in the process..this update at a certain moment is blocking internet (all options connexions don't work) from the Macbook and don't aloud the complete process of the update to finish if you can give some little clarifications that will be a great help..thanks by advance..J

  5. Hello dosdude1!
    first of all you are very good! and it helped me a lot! thank you!!

    I have a question after I updated my MAC mid 2009,

    the camera is with an error, which is not connected.

    Have you seen that mistake?


  6. i inherited a 2009 Mac Pro from my company and it already has MacOS sierra. However I noticed that the firmware shown here is not the same as mine. Mine shows: Boot ROM Version: MP41.0081.B08. while mostly on youtube shows MP41.0081.B07. Weird. anyone has an idea?

  7. Hi dosdude1, I installed the patch on my macbook pro mid 2009 (5.2) and it works perfectly well, but when I put on sleep/close the screen I can not restart the computer, and I have to force the shutdown and restart the mac. Did anyone have the same problem? Is it a fixable issue with a patch update?

  8. Awesome! Thanks for helping those of us who are still holding on to our OBSOLETE Macs. I take great care of my Mac and it’s great to be able to keep it up to date a while longer.

  9. Great work, thanks a lot!
    I did this to my MacBook Pro 4,1 (early 2008), very happy with it 🙂

    My Wi-Fi module was not supported, however solved that by replacing the module by a Atheros AR5BXB112, those are available on ebay for as little as $10!

    Putting in AR5BXB112 had three great effects over the original unsupported card:
    – Could use the third antenna already in the machine from factory but never used by previous dual channel Broadcom card, enabling up to 450mbps speed! (3x faster than original unsupported card!).
    -Got AirDrop support, something the old card never could do.
    -And of course driver support under High Sierra!

    Absolutely recommend getting the AR5BXB112 to solve this issue, many benefits in addition to having the driver support there. Now, HD AirPlay streaming has no issues, even with high bitrates.

    Further upgrades I did to the machine is 6GB memory (4GB + 2GB modules) and a brand new battery. As new now with this latest macOS. Also have some ExpressCard/34 cards on the way from eBay, eSATA II, dual USB 3.0 and eGPU adapter for the fun of it 👻
    It also has an SSD.

    Only one small issue, I found the right click to not work on the trackpad (with two fingers), trackpad panel only displayed Bluetooth trackpad connection option, as if it did not realize a trackpad was installed. I solved this by replacing the Trackpad panel with the one from El Capitan. From there I could adjust the features, like right click with two fingers etc. I suppose the HS panel is not expecting that particular trackpad, so it does not look for it when the panel launches.

    I discovered that all the Multitouch gestures will work after installing the Trackpad System Preferences panel from El Capitan!

    Thanks again for this amazing work!! Fantastic!

  10. Dear Dosdude1,
    thanks for your incredible work with the patches!

    Yesterday i wanted to patch my iMac early 2009 with the latest Siearra (Not high sierra). I used the latest patch (4.2.7) and the latest install sierra file ( 12.5.03) – both from the website. But the reboot from the  
    usb device got stuck while the progress bar wasn't fully loaded. I read your 1st FAQ so I checked the files. And as I wrote above I used the latest files I could get from the website. But the install sierra file has not the version you wrote about in the FAQ. You mentioned 12.4.06, but i've downloaded 12.5.03. Could this be the reason why the boot got stuck right before the end of the progress bar?

    Thanks in advance for answering!

  11. Hi
    I have a problem, when I try to boot my early 2009 iMac from usb drive with os High Sierra public beta it takes sooooo long to boot and I was waiting almost 2 hours to boot the installer and nothing happened. Can somebody help me what to do?

  12. Hi, I have tried to install your version for high sierra, but I can't boot from the usb stick. You application has success fully created a install disk, the old mac (MacPro 3.1) has recognise the USB stick and showed the data on it, but when I in preferences wanted to change the boot disk, then the preferences doesn't show this disk as bootable with OS. Please can you help me where can be the problem? Thanks.

  13. Hi Dos,I just clicked tools download mac os high serria from menu bar and did the restart post install…8.1 imac and it reinstalled fine,I reinstalled the update patch, But im still running beta 9 and the os GM beta is still not showing in the app store software update?

  14. Beta 9 High serria is running like a champ tks to you!..Ill wait patiantly till you create the patch!..Tks Dos..My 2008 24".is runnnig like a champ with the ssd and your bIRLENT PATCH

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