How To Install MAC OS 10.12 SIERRA On Any windows PC / LAPTOP With VMWARE

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Hey Guyz In this video i am going to show you installing macOS 10.12 sierra on any pc or laptop using
vmware. Apple’s New name for desktop operating system macOS 10.12 sierra released at WWDC 2016.
sierra offers many new features which enhances the performance of all mac line up computers .


Disclaimer: Use this guide for personal use only. KSK TECH doesn’t encourage using it for commercial purpose. This is an highly experimental, this video is only made for educational purposes

Download Links :
Patch Tool :
Mirror Link :
VMWARE player :
macOS 10.12 Sierra Vmdisk file(UPDATED) :!hJI2SCZY!KSISuioeXEZxja1XfJFTSLIXLHSbKbL-GcpKLoIa9Kw
Updated Mirror Link :

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  1. Why am I not getting a MAC OS under Guset Operating System? I have a Windows 10 installed on my laptop, I have downloaded and installed VMWare 14, and MAC OS10.12 Sierra.

  2. Thanks alot man really really thanks alot you just saved me from my fathers wrath…i messed up with his mac and after window was installed there was no boot camp or any sign of Os x i dont know how to thank you my friend❤❤❤

  3. I dont see Mac OS X option while trying to create virtual machine! I even ran win-install as administrator and it did say that the files were copied, yet I dont see the option!

  4. who ever this guy is who made this video is an idiot. how the hell are you supposed to do this if he says things and moves about too fast. you need to be a speed freak to follow this. why couldnt he slow it down enough so that we all can understand it but no he has to rush all the way through it so you cannot understand what he is doing.

  5. Your welcome here are some keys if the patch tool dose not work C: Keys:

  6. For people having trouble finding the "Apple Mac Os" option even after running the patcher tool, you are probably using VMware workstation 14, rather than VMware workstation 12.

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