How to increase bootcamp (windows) storage without having to reinstall the windows again

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Tested with MAC OS Montain Lion


  1. how to delete unallocated partition in Mac mini fusion drive. I showing Gray Ground in this partition But not visible this drive. Only Show two partitions (White Ground and Gray Ground) I tried so many times but It's not deleted. Plz help me. I want remove this Gray unlocated partition..plz plz plz help me

  2. Thanks, for deleting all of my windows files and windows, along with losing me 5+ hours of reinstalling software, plus 100+ hours of actually downloading the software. Appreciate it!

  3. some people are saying that windows isn't recognized anymore on the OS selector screen when you boot your mac with the option key (or whatever it is) on El Capitan, but if you install rEFInd or have installed rEFInd, it should show up. Just search rEFInd on youtube to get more info about it I guess.

  4. If anybody is still watching or using this tutorial, this still works on MacOSX Sierra and Macbook Air. I tested with my bootcamp on Windows 10 Pro [downloaded from microsoft]. It did not delete my data, but it may not have the same result with yours. 12/15/16

  5. DO NOT TRY THIS IF YOU ARE ON EL CAPITAN. I learned this the hard way. I tried following his instructions and after i restarted my mac, my windows partition is gone and all the precious files in it. The uploader should have posted on what os he was running on because clearly it doesnt work for all mac os.

  6. Does this also increase your windows desktop space? Cause I use bootcamp and I want more space to copy a file to record cod clips so does this also add more GB to desktop too?

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